Proban - Fire Retardant Material

The PROBAN® label
Lille Brand Fire Retardant Racewear is made from PROBAN® material.

The PROBAN® label means the fabric has been tested to the correct quality standards of flame retardancy and durability to washing.

Fabrics and garments that carry the PROBAN® label are self-extinguishable, comfortable and they protect the wearer's skin.

The PROBAN® process involves chemical impregnation. Drying and curing with ammonia gas using Rhodia's patented licensed technology followed by oxidation and finally neutralisation.

PROBAN® is a flame retardant solution that provides peace of mind to both industrial and consumer markets.

Developed to give cotton and cotton rich fabrics reliable flame retardant properties, that meet industry fire regulations* PROBAN® fabrics are durable to modern day conditions and environments.

PROBAN® product is ideal for Racewear.  

 ISO 14116 2015 index 3, ISO 11611 2015 para 6.7, ISO 16112 2015 para 6.3.


Features of PROBAN® Fabrics Benefits to the wearer

Manufactured by a network of Rhodia approved licensees Reliable

Durable flame retardant finish Protection will last for the lifetime of the article

Strict quality control programme Reliable safety on flame retardant performances

Cotton and cotton rich fabrics Comfortable to the wearer