Help with Payment Process - Paying with Paypal

In order to keep your data secure, your order data is collected on a secure server with GLOBECHARGE.
To finalise your transaction and make payment, we will collect your payment throught PAYPAL.
You DO NOT need to have a PAYPAL ACCOUNT in order to pay, you can simply use your credit / debit card.

Paying is easy with a few simple SECURE steps:


Paying with your
PAYPAL Account.

1. A new pop up window will appear. This connects you to PAYPALS Secure Server.

2. If you wish to pay using your existing PAYPAL Account, click "Log In" and conclude your payment through PAYPAL.

If you DO NOT wish to pay with a PAYPAL Account and simply want to PAY WITH CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD - follow the next steps. (we still use Paypal to process your card payment)


Paying with your Card

You can use your own Credit or Debit Card to pay - whether you have a Paypal account or not.

1. If you want to pay directly with your card simply Click on "Continue"


If you have an existing Paypal account then Paypal may recognise your email address

If you don't want to pay through your Paypal account and just want to use your card simply click on "Continue Without Logging In"


Your Purchase Details will be clearly shown

Check and Click on
"Pay Now" when you are ready



That's it!

Thank you for your payment

Your order will now be processed.

You will receive 2 confirmation emails, one to confirm the details of your order the other from Paypal to confirm that you have paid.


Thank you -
we look forward to seeing you again.